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How to submit a tender request

This process is for the budget conscious 'bride to be' who knows what she wants and enjoys negotiating.

Q. Why submit work for Tender/Negotiation?
A. To get best value for money (not cheap)

When Negotiating consider the following
Most Wedding Providers are artists who provide a professional specialized service. They use quality materials and spend endless hours preparing the products of their passion.
Generaly speaking they are negotiable and will adapt their product according to your needs or budget constraints, as long as their standards are not compromised in the process, and this is where most providers wanting to protect their reputation will draw a line.

Tender Limit
A Tender limit is the lowest value a Wedding Provider would consider working around without compromising his or her standards or reputation.
Considerations that determine thier limits are complex and differ for each discipline. So it is best to communicate directly with providers around this matter.

Tenders where the Budget amount is below the Wedding Provider's Tender Limit will not be delivered to those wedding Providers

Information Requirements
The information you enter will be sent to wedding providers in our provider list who will tender according to your requirements. An example of an email tender request that is sent to service providers will read as follows.
Name: Katrina
Wedding Date: 24 Apr 2005
Venue: Avianto
E-Mail Address:
Telephone: 083 123 1234
Specific Requirements:
Photographer required from preparations to opening dance. 100 jumbo prints with album and CD with all pictures taken.
Budget: R 2 500.00

Know what you want before you submit a tender
Most providers make up packages of differing proportions which make it very hard to gauge value for money.
Taking the tender route will ensure you're not only comparing apples with apples, but that the apples you're being quoted on all come out the same box, as quoted by other providers.
Get to know what the going rates are for what you want, and be realistic when providing a budget figure or you will be ignored.
If your tender amount is within the working scope or tender limit of a provider they will respond with an offer which you can counter offer if you feel the need, until iether a win win settlement is reached, or you move on to another provider.

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Patrick Clemmond
about the author:
For the past 25 years Pat has been a keen entrepeneur with a systems engineering background and has been awarded 3 times for innovation in the area of systems.
This Article may be freely distributed however all links and references to the author must be kept intact - The author maintains copyright on this articles and by giving free distribution rights does not revoke or nullify such copyright privileges.

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how to submit a tender request
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