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Startups Newcomers and Small Operations

As in any industry, as long as there’s a demand or perception of demand exeeding supply, newcomers will enter the market arena. In most instances, the only difference between newcomers and known wedding providers is that the known providers are more expensive and have an established a referral network.

Newcomers and small providers do not necessarily provide an inferior product. In fact most newcomers may even deliver a better service than their expensive counterparts, as they are in the process of establishing a referral network and can’t afford to slip up.

Startups, newcomers and small operations who can't afford expensive advertising rely on word of mouth to get work, and can charge less because they don’t have advertising overheads like their established competition.

Demand is therefore lower and consequently newcomers are prepared to work for less, as they need prove their worth and establish a referral network, which can only come about if they work. In this category service provider you will find good value for money.

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Patrick Clemmond
about the author:
For the past 25 years Pat has been a keen entrepeneur with a systems engineering background and has been awarded 3 times for innovation in the area of systems.
This Article may be freely distributed however all links and references to the author must be kept intact - The author maintains copyright on this articles and by giving free distribution rights does not revoke or nullify such copyright privileges.

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